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The Modules application for Mac makes it super easy for Swift developers to visualise and organise modules in a Swift package.

Once a package is open in Modules, you can quickly create, rename, and delete modules, or add and remove module dependencies. The Modules app ensures the validity of the package folder by automatically adding, removing, or modifying the necessary files and folders and updating the package manifest file. This saves some tedious, error-prone work that you’d have to do manually otherwise.

Modules works perfectly side by side with Xcode (or any other editor or IDE you use for Swift development) where each change you make in one app is reflected by the other once you save changes.

Modules is a document based app where each open package is presented as a dynamic, layered graph. This visualisation enables you to reason about the complexity of your code and gain insights that may be difficult to obtain by just glancing at source code.

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Privacy Policy

The Modules application does not collect any personal user information, nor does it depend on any 3rd party code that collects personal user information.

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